Friday, April 12, 2013

Life is fragile

Stopped by the memorial for the Fallen Four today. As I'm reading the plaque, I start bawling like a baby, all of a sudden three fellow bikers were hugging me. I didn't even hear them ride up. So many memories hit me, this happened the same day they confirmed Wayne had Leukemia, something that devestated us all that day & have changed our lives forever. As we were waiting for results, I received several text messages from people checking to see if we were in the crash, not knowing where we were. My fears for my son & if I knew anyone on those bikes.

The reports of 10 bikers hit/ran over from behind by a dumb truck. Seeing the images on the tv, the burned area of pavement, a lone boot in the middle of the road. The Walgreens employees who offered comfort & aid the best they could. The crumbled piles of chrome & steel. The meth head responsible was aquited on the first trial, but was found guilty the second trial & is now serving I think 20 years.

I've seen Ernie so many times after this, he is walking & riding a trike, but struggling to speak correctly, seeing his body twisted from being so broken. But alive & riding again.

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