Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shit H.O.T.

It's been a while. But, ya' know life happens & it has finally calmed down a little to give me a chance to jot down some thoughts.

I'm the secretary of a local chapter of a world wide club. A few months back, I had the opportunity to attend the annual officers training for the western region. They offer 4 training sites a year in the US & try to break it up by region. There is also the same training in many countries.

Being my first time attending, I was blown away. Here was a huge hotel full of people all wearing the same colors as me, only difference was the location rockers. Motorcycles filled the parking lot, there were several parked inside in the lobby & even up on the stage where the main events took place.

I counted over 700 people, belonging to 100 different chapters, USA, Canada & even Germany was represented. Brothers & sisters, all with a common interest, common bond & common goal.

Right off the bat, this started full throttle & didn't let up until we all staggered out 3 days later. The new Sportster '48 was introduced, the youngest known Harley owner was there & possibly one of the oldest. Said goodbye to someone from the regional team that was retiring.

I was amused to see the number of security & local police on hand, it must have been boring for them, even when they opened the free bar. No one was there to fight or raise hell, we were all there to meet new friends, see old ones, learn the legal side of things, swap ideas & come home with a "fuck yeah, let's ride" attitude.

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